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What is the free SSL Let’s Encrypt and how to install it on cPanel?

SSL Certificate

Install the free SSL from Let's Encrypt on cPanel

Every website that uses a secure connection with its users can benefit from a free SSL Certificate by Vision4Reality, by installing it via cPanel.

In a previous post we discussed about the SSL Certificate: What is it and why you need it, and we saw that using security certificates ensures users around the world that their transactions are protected. This is especially important for financial transactions and for many types of user accounts and private access systems.

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Using an SSL certificate, the URL address of the webpage will change from http://yourdomain.com to https://yourdomain.com, and the browser will display a lock on the left of the address indicating that the webpage is encrypted and any information exchanged with this website are under security protocol making it difficult to be intercepted by third parties.

Since 2014 Google started to give importance to websites that are encrypted. Now it ranks them higher in search positions, until at some point it will be required.

So, if you want to protect your website and improve your position on Google searches, you will have to buy an SSL Certificate or alternatively use the free certificates by VisionReality from the Let’s Encrypt company, that fit on any type of website!

Let’s Encrypt was created to cover the area of free SSL certificates. 98% of browsers trust it and over 1 million websites have it already installed on their Web Servers. Continue reading to see how you can install it too, in 4 simple steps.

How to install Let’s Encrypt on cPanel

Let’s Encrypt is provided totally free of cost in all of Vision4Reality Cloud Web Hosting plans and it’s very simple to install.

After you type the URL address of your cPanel, which has the form http://mydomain/cpanel, click the Let’s Encrypt SSL icon from the SECURITY section.

The Lets Encrypt SSL icon can be found in the SECURITY section in the main page of cPanel.
Clicking on the Lets Encrypt SSL icon, it takes you to the page where we have to choose a domain. To do this, click on Issue, on the right of the domain of your webpage.
Click the "Issue" link, on the right of your webpages' domain.
Clicking on the Issue link, some options will appear to add extra domain names. We suggest you include both versions, www and non-www, so if you install an SSL certificate in a subdomain, you dont have to include www in the address. After you select your options, press the Issue button.
We suggest you leave all options selected for full compatibility with your website.
Finally, after you press the Issue button to install the SSL Certificate, a message will be displayed, informing you that the SSL Certificate was installed on your domain, using the IP of your Web Server, who was updated with the new certificate, and that the HTTP Apache server is restarting in the background.

That was it!
Your Free SSL Certificate was installed, and you now can use https:// before your domain address.

Please note, if you have a website that is based on a CMS platform (WordPress, Joomla etc.), you will have to set it up so it uses https:// URL address on your webpage (in the case of WordPress, setup of Permalinks).

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After the installation, the message reads: "Apache is restarting in the background" - provided that Vision4Reality uses Litespeed Web Server, you can ignore the "Apache" part, since it is just a general message.

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