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Why premade eshops are not the best solution?

Eshops with low monthly costs, promise a good cheap solution for your products but have the following disadvantages:

  • They have an identical appearance to each other.
  • They lack of SEO usage and in case they have the ability to use them, the potential customer does not know how to use it and become competitive.
  • Custom modifications are not easily allowed.
  • The low monthly price in the end, is more costly as a final cost because it is a subscription per month and not the final price. The biggest cost amounts the missed customer, who will never find your page.

Imagine a shop that is in a very central street and one that is in a basement in a small narrow road. The expenses of the first shop will of course be greater, but the people that this shop window will bring, will conduct much more profit.
In Vision4Reality there are no fixed monthly charges for webpage design.

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