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Why Product Photography is Important to Your Business

Do you know how important the right photo is for the projection, presentation and promotion of your products and how this can affect your potential buyers and sales?

90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, which is why the visual material displayed is an important factor in online and offline shopping.

At the same time, consumers, on the other hand, are constantly looking for fast ways to save time, with the result that their attention is focused on the fastest and most direct way of collecting information, which is none other than photos.

Inside the products that are projected to your customers, the image of your business is reflected and through them, the potential customers form their opinion about it.

The products that are displayed to your customers, reflect the image of your business.

– Vision4Reality

The quality and clarity of a professional photo helps the customer to have a more complete view, to see more details of the product such as quality of materials, texture, shade, etc., to be sure of his purchase and the chances of product returns are reduced.
In this way the customer is able to have a comprehensive and detailed picture so he is more confident in his choice.

Appropriate photos of your products can give them a sense of luxury and greater prestige. At the same time, your page stands out and presents a reliable and quality image.
It is very important to make the most appropriate choice of photos of your products as they greatly affect your sales.
Prospective customers often judge the value and reliability of products based on the quality of their visual presentation.

So having a photo that is not representative of the product, the customer is very likely to reject it while on the contrary, an impressive photo can catch the customer’s attention as the value obtained from the photo is confused with the quality of the goods sold.

Appropriate photo

The images of the products create the first impression on the buyer and affect whether he will proceed to visit the eshop, your website or your business, but also whether they will make a purchase.

Attractive product

With a correct and complete display of high quality product, it makes the product look more attractive, beautiful, more desirable and therefore more likely to be preferred in relation to another whose photo is of inferior quality.

Sales increase

Appropriate photos of your products can highlight your website, your eshop or your business, give it a sense of luxury, greater prestige and reliability.


90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, which is why the visual material displayed is an important factor in online and offline shopping.


A study conducted by Forbes has shown that 50% of online shoppers say “large, high-quality product images are more important than product information, descriptions or even reviews.


According to a study conducted by Big Commerce, 78% of online shoppers want photographs to bring products to life - they want to see the product as if it’s part of their own daily lives.

successful online store

Showcase Your Business and Products

Product photos not only highlight the quality of the products but also function as a digital showcase of your online store, creating 2 important things: 1st transparency and 2nd trust.

That is why it is especially important to have a proper, complete display of high quality product which makes the product more attractive and more desirable, and therefore more likely to be preferred over another, whose display is of inferior quality.

Our company Vision4Reality is considered a pioneer for the data of Greece as it is the first company that started to provide product photography services along with internet services to various companies.

The company’s many years of experience in the field of Product Photography and its experienced staff combined with the professionalism and experience it possesses through the implementation of a variety of specialized photography, has the ability to offer the best result, presenting products with attractive, clear and detailed way.

The right choice of perfect and appropriate visual material can boost your business.

Choose Vision4Reality which is the best possible choice, trust us and the result will surely satisfy you.

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