Google Chrome 70 will start showing the red “not secure” warning when users enter data on HTTP pages, instead.

Now that we all know what is a SSL Certificate and why we need it, in January, 2017 we talked about how Google identifies websites that do not have SSL (HTTPS) as Not secure, with the “Not Secure” indicator in the URL bar, when the page contained a password field or the user interacted with a credit card field. Websites with an SSL Certificate would still display the green padlock and the “Secure” indicator. That was Phase 1 of Google Chrome’s Security Team for a more secure web.

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Google identified websites without a SSL (HTTPS) as Not secure

Since the beginning of 2017, Google Chrome marks as Not secure websites that are not under HTTPS. This means that the latest version of Chrome browser displays a “Not secure” warning resulting in a negative impact on visitors.

“Previously, HTTP usage was too high to mark all HTTP pages with a strong red warning”.
-Google Chrome Security Team

Google Chrome 70 will start displaying all websites that don’t have a SSL Certificate installed as “Not secure”, when the user inputs sensitive data.

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“In this phase, HTTP pages will be marked as affirmatively “Not Secure” using red color and the non-secure icon in the URL bar if the user interacts with any input field.” Google Chrome team stated, again encouraging the use of HTTPS, just like when they announced that they treat HTTPS as a ranking factor.

All of these phases and updates to the most popular browser in the world wide web are part of Google’s HTTPS 100%  plan, that aims to have all websites loaded in Google Chrome via HTTPS.

HTTPS is cheaper and easier than ever before, and unlocks powerful capabilities
-Emily Schechter, Product Manager for Chrome Security

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