Google increases length of snippets in search results from 160 characters to almost 230 characters on average

The cause of this modification, according to company’s announcement, is to be able to offer even more descriptive snippets.

The way snippets are presented in search results has been altered. The description of a page that appears under the URL in an organic search result, which assists demonstrate in which way it is linked to the search query, composes the snippets.

A Google representative announced us:

Lately, we introduced an amentment to be able to offer more descriptive and practical snippets, to assist people realize how pages are related to their searches.
As a result, this enlarged snippets’ length, on average.

During last week, many have been observing that the snippets were larger compared to the usual.
Rank Ranger also has been spotted these, snippets size has been raised from 160 characters to almost 230 characters on average, according to its tools .
Google wouldn’t suggest webmasters and SEOs updating the meta descriptions, although some of them think about it. The snippets are more often dynamically created based on the user query and substance/content shown on the page. It is also possible, removing the content from the page, in case Google is going to decide continue with a wider snippet.

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