Google “punishes” websites without SSL (https)

Google Chrome marks non HTTPS websites as Not secure

Since 2014 Google gives importance to websites that are under an SSL certificate (https://) and rewards them with better positions in search rankings. Since the beginning of 2017, Google Chrome marks as Not secure websites that are not under https.

This means that the latest version of Chrome browser displays a “Not secure” warning resulting in a negative impact on visitors. Its aim is to clear up the qualitative and thoughtful webpages to give the best product to the customer and customers are all of us who use it, that means almost everybody.

Buying an SSL certificate is a choice, if you have a serious eshop, which insures you also with financial compensation from the respective company.

A free alternative solution is to install a certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a free certificate provided for free on all of our Cloud Web Hosting plans, with an easy installation on cPanel and automated renewal process.

Have questions or need help?

Should you encounter any difficulties on installing your SSL certificate, do not hesitate to contact our support department.

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