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SSL Certificate: What is it and why you need it

SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate and when is it needed?

An SSL certificate is a security protocol used by millions of websites to encrypt online transactions and generally to exchange personal data with the server. By creating a secure connection between a browser on the Internet and a web server, SSL ensures that all information transmitted between the browser and the server remains private.

SSL is an essential tool for anyone who transact online. Adding an SSL certificate to your e-commerce site can help you protect your business, but also to reassure your customers that your online store is a secure site.

An SSL certificate is a pure, visual confirmation that your company has taken the necessary steps to ensure that your online store is a reliable place to conduct business.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that:

  • Is used by browsers and web servers on the Internet
  • Protects user data during money transfer and data exchange with the server where the website is hosted
  • Can provide certification of the company and/or domain, so users can know the authenticity of the website and/or the server
  • With a Wildcard SSL, ensures the domain of your website and its subdomains

Why you need an SSL?

  • It gives a sense of security to the reader/visitor/client, thus increasing traffic and sales
  • Google is now “penalizing” websites that do not use SSL
  • Chrome, world’s most used browser that belongs to Google, will not display a ”SECURE” indication next to your website URL, indicating the lack of use of SSL

When an SSL is necessary?

  • If you own or operate an online web store (e-shop) and accept credit card payments over the Internet
  • If you offer entry to a secure area of your website (dashboard, control panel, area with personal user information, etc.)
  • If you receive and handle personal information, eg addresses, birth dates, licenses or ID numbers
Types of Certificates

What the Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate offers:

Data encryption

Domain name Validation

Show green padlock next to the URL of your website

What the Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate offers:

Organization authenticity Validation

Details of the organization in the certificate information

What the Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate offers:

Stringent, industry-standardized authentication of organization

100% of visitors notice and trust the green URL bar of the website

97% are likely to share their credit card information with websites that use the green EV bar (63% with DV or OV certificates)

Choose an SSL Certificate

Secure & Protect your website and your customers.

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