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Nov 01, 2020
Panchroma΄s online store


Panchroma is a company active in the field of retail and wholesale trade of paintings, office supplies, stationery, etc. and based in its physical store in Athens, serves the needs of artists, pupils / students, schools, offices, etc., supplying them with products from the biggest brands in the world.

Like any major player in the field, with a huge range of thousands of products, Panchroma needed to create an online store and promote the business online.

We were asked to create a modern and easy-to-use eshop, which will fully cover the needs of the business.

Special slider so that the user can choose a colour through the product page
Colour palette per category for easy search


The biggest challenge we faced, was the creation of a huge volume of products (30,000+) and their multiple categorization based on type, colour palette, brand, quantity, etc.

Each of these products should be translated, contain some pictures and description, update its stock and price and many more.

In addition to an attractive appearance, there should be ease in managing the products for the store manager and ease in finding them by the customer.

Also, the connection of the products with the accounting program (ERP) of the company for their management from the physical store and the synchronization of their stock and prices with the eshop, as well as for the issuance of an invoice.

We have enabled the page to have a special B2B function for traders / resellers, where through a specific login page, they can easily manage their orders and see the products directly at wholesale prices, make bulk orders, request for offers and much more.

For convenience, we have added to each product its unique barcode ID that can be easily scanned.

Also, in addition to a newsletter for offers and updates, we added the abandoned cart function where the user is informed via email about purchases he has left in the middle, new products and more.

By completing the design of the website and adding all the products to the online store, we optimized its SEO and managed to have a very fast and user-friendly page, which quickly climbed to the top of Google search results in the appropriate keywords.

We have created a friendly and easy-to-use browsing environment so that the visitor can carry out their purchases and searches with speed, ease and security.

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