Transfer your site in 3 easy steps

Transfer your site in 3 easy steps


  • Choose your plan

  • Transfer your files on our server

  • Change your Domain Name Server (DNS) with the one that comes with your plan.


We can transfer your site for you, for free! contact us



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    Step 1: Plan

    1. Choose your plan Buy a plan.

    You want a website for your business. You know it’s important.

    Choose a plan that suits your needs or if you are not sure Contact Us.

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    Step 2: Files

    2. Transfer your files

    Move all your files and databases from your old server to your new account.

    We always send a welcome email with all the data and instructions needed for you

    to connect to FTP and access the Cpanel to transfer your files with ease.

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    Step 3: NameServers

    3. Change old Nameservers with the new

    Change the name servers of your domain. As always you will find instructions in your email account.

    Name Servers change from the control panel of the specific domain registration company.

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