You have a website on the Internet?

Does your target group know about it?

Competition and Promotion

The battle for the first place is huge and it is not unnecessary because data show that 97% of the world looks only at the the first rows in the first page and 50% might reach the third page. This means that the lower the positions the lesser people you will have daily on your page.

Monitoring Tools

To monitor your position in the internet competition, we provide monitoring tools to know your position on the web, to see how many people visit your website, what pages, for how long, and from what country. We provide tools to track statistics and activity on your website such as: Google Analytics, AWStats, Alexa

The Promotion

It’s part of Vision4reality’s job which has the knowledge and experience to help in this, huge experience in Website Optimization, SEO Optimization, Internet Marketing, Photography – Video, and Social Media. There are tools, but not magical recipes. Every website has its own promotion needs, depending on the product and the people which are addressed.

It is not enough to have a website, people must know that too!
Otherwise the effort is wasted and so are the money spent on it.


When a website is constructed besides the internal work needed, it also has external work. After completing all the work for the appearance and content, the next move is to be learned by the search engines and the world for its content, its products, its material and to be easily found by the interested target group by searching on the search engines. The difficulty of the promotion lies in how well is set up and of course the competition.


In this field there are substandard scammers that exploit the needs of someone struggling to withstand adverse market conditions, looking for ways to be kept in place, so therefore there are some myths, let’s see some.

Guarantee for 1st place!

There is no guarantee for first place from Google or any other search engine. The guarantee by us are our results in practice. We can do wonders and guarantee for the results, if the degree of difficulty and time required to do so becomes understandable.

Google asks for money to raise you in positions

To make things clear, Google does not ask for money to raise you in positions, simply there is a case that the interested can choose to be advertised by Google to be appeared in her pages or even more in blogs or forums or Googles own ads. The difference is that this way of advertising has a cost that is not at all a little and lasts only as long as the campaign is active. Unlike a proper promotion of a website, it will take much longer and you may not need nothing more then, but this depends on the competition of the interested, because there are cases where it is imperative to continuously improve the promotion.
Engage and promote your page, your company and your product in high positions. Increasing traffic and sales. Reducing or stopping the expenses in advertising. Without false suggestions, but you can communicate directly with our customers to confirm!
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