Google identifies websites that do not have SSL (https) as Not secure

Google “punishes” websites without SSL (https) Google marks non HTTPS websites as Not secure Since 2014 Google gives importance to websites that are under an SSL certificate (https://) and rewards them with better positions in search rankings. Since the beginning of 2017, Google marks as Not secure, websites that are not under https. This means that the latest […]

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What is the free SSL Let’s Encrypt and how to install it on cPanel?

Every website that uses a secure connection with its users can benefit from a free SSL Certificate by Vision4reality, by installing it via cPanel.   In a previous post we discussed about the SSL Certificate: What is it and why you need it, and we saw that using security certificates ensures users around the world that their transactions are protected. This […]

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SSL Certificate: What is it and why you need it

What is an SSL Certificate and when is it needed An SSL certificate is a security protocol used by millions of websites to encrypt online transactions and generally to exchange personal data with the server. By creating a secure connection between a browser on the Internet and a web server, SSL ensures that all information […]

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